Friday, April 3, 2015


TrustWebsitePayment-SystemAverage RewardIntervalLink
bitcoin-sourceFaucetBox300 satoshi60 minVisit
infaucetdirect300 satoshi60 minVisit
coinracketMicrowallet300 satoshi60 minVisit
maximumsatoshiFaucetBox300 satoshi60 minVisit
icebitcoinFaucetBox300 satoshi60 minVisit
cointreatsMicrowallet300 satoshi240 minVisit
freecoins4FaucetBox300 satoshi360 minVisit
chutaPaytoshi300 satoshi1440 minVisit
pinktussyMicrowallet275 satoshi30 minVisit
qoinfaucetFaucetBox270 satoshi30 minVisit
bitcoinplaatsFaucetBox270 satoshi60 minVisit
captchas.rocksFaucetBox270 satoshi60 minVisit
coinfreedirect266 satoshi60 minVisit
cmmonitorFaucetBox250 satoshi1 minVisit
cityofbitcoinFaucetBox250 satoshi10 minVisit
bitprepayFaucetBox250 satoshi60 minVisit
bitmachinedirect250 satoshi60 minVisit
superbitcoindirect250 satoshi60 minVisit
dailyfreebitsdirect250 satoshi60 minVisit
cryptobloxdirect250 satoshi60 minVisit
bitwinfaucetFaucetBox250 satoshi60 minVisit
jackpotfaucetdirect250 satoshi60 minVisit
thefreebitcoinFaucetBox250 satoshi60 minVisit
playbitcoinFaucetBox250 satoshi60 minVisit
If you are looking to multiply your Bitcoins with an easy passive income, then creating a Faucet Rotator is an absolute must. Faucets are websites that give out free Bitcoins, and are the most popular way for people to get BTC starting out. This traffic can generate referral commissions to you easily with the right system.
You can get recurring payments just like these!
This simple step-by-step guide will get you started with your own BITCOIN Faucet Rotator so you can start earning Bitcoin commissions on auto-pilot. We have created our own Faucet Rotator called Sunbit Rotator and you can have one just like it in only an hour or two worth or work.
The benefits to having a Faucet Rotator are:
  • Manage all your Referral Links in one place
  • One link to promote all your programs
  • Earn Ad revenue from Banners
  • Earn revenue from Rotator sales

How to get started

Setting up the Rotator is easy and only requires a one-time payment of 0.01 BTC for access to the Rotator panel. After that, you can manage your links and edit your Rotator settings. This investment will pay for itself many times over if you follow our Tips and put in the work in the beginning setting everything up.
First Step is to Create a Rotator Account (Link Opens in New Window)
Once you sign up for a new account, you will be asked to complete the one-time payment of 0.01 BTC. This payment gives you access the Faucet Rotator backend, the referral system for 100% commissions and support. Your first Rotator sale will pay for your investment, and all your commissions afterward from Faucet rewards and sales are pure profit!
Second Step is creating your Rotator and adding referral links. This is the most time-consuming process and you can spending as little or as much time on this part as you want. The more referral links you add the better, but you can always add more in the future. Remember that most people that end up on your Faucet Rotator will spend a lot of time going through Faucets, so the longer you keep them on your page the better.
*Hint: We have spent the past 2 years and countless hours combing through the highest-paying Faucets and earning sites for our Rotator and Blog. Check out our Rotator here and add the same links to your rotator for huge earnings.
Third Step is adding an Advertising Banner at the top of your Faucet Rotator for even more revenue. There are several ad networks that we recommend on our Bitcoin Advertising  page or you can add an Adsense ad for earnings in USD.

Here are a few more Tips

  • Avoid Faucets with pop-ups
  • Make sure you don’t have any Frame-Breakers
  • Put highest commission faucets up front
  • Advertise your Rotator on Pay-to-Click sites
There really is no better way to start earning a passive income with the popularity of Free BITCOIN Faucets.


Free Bitcoin faucets

List of the best Bitcoin faucets.

TrustWebsitePayment-SystemAverage RewardIntervalLink
general-beckFaucetBox888 satoshi480minVisit
winfreebitcoindirect765 satoshi45 minVisit
bitcoinpuddleFaucetBox750 satoshi250 minVisit
cryptorialsFaucetBox636 satoshi60 minVisit
jazfaucetlistFaucetBox555 satoshi180 minVisit
altcoinhubFaucetBox550 satoshi180 minVisit
big-coinMicrowallet545 satoshi120 minVisit
welovebtcFaucetBox540 satoshi60 minVisit
bad-boys-bitFaucetBox500 satoshi20 minVisit
crownfaucetePay500 satoshi30 minVisit
goldencoinsMicrowallet500 satoshi60 minVisit
BTCFaucetListXAPO + FaucetBox468 satoshi60 minVisit
mezzabankMicrowallet450 satoshi60 minVisit

TrustWebsitePayment-SystemAverage RewardIntervalLink
freebetcoinMicrowallet401 satoshi66 minVisit
freebitcoinhomeFaucetBox400 satoshi60 minVisit
bassfaucetdirect400 satoshi60 minVisit
btc-gratisFaucetBox400 satoshi600 minVisit
jokertimesMicrowallet375 satoshi60 minVisit
50or500FaucetBox365 satoshi50 minVisit
bitcoinmonkeyFaucetBox350 satoshi30 minVisit
omux2FaucetBox350 satoshi60 minVisit
goldwmrFaucetBox350 satoshi60 minVisit
omuxFaucetBox350 satoshi60 minVisit
bitkranFaucetBox320 satoshi60 minVisit
cryptodripsFaucetBox312 satoshi45 minVisit
freebitcoinusaFaucetBox300 satoshi10 minVisit